Members of TPSA

East Coast Productions is now a member of TPSA

Code of Practice & Ethics

  • To fulfill the TPSA’s main objective
  • To promote and encourage the dignity of the TPSA
  • To have the utmost regard to public interest and safety
  • Adhere to international ethical and safety standards
  • Not to claim undue commission, or credit in work performed and undertaken by others
  • To always act with the utmost good faith when dealing with each other and with members of the public
  • To adhere to standard business practices relating to the production services industry
  • To be honest and transparent in business dealings
  • Uphold all warranties and guarantees in delivery of service
  • Not to criticize or denigrate members active in the industry in such a matter as to bring the industry or the TPSA into disrepute
  • Maintain full and proper insurance cover for all business activities
  • Encourage cooperation amongst members and other industry professionals
  • Provide the highest quality of service to customers
  • To display and advertise membership of the TPSA
  • To continually strive to improve service to clients by studying and adopting new developments and trends in the industry